Things I love, be it art, shows, actors, books, or words...

39, living in Colorado, dreaming of a life on the other side of the ocean.

Have an intense love of Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes and various other shows.

Bibliophile and proud of it.


"There are people who have said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive of gay marriage, gay adoption, basically of gay rights; but with all due respect I humbly dissent, I’m not being brave, I’m being a decent human being. And I don’t think I should receive an award for that or for merely stating what I believe to be true, that love is a human experience not a political statement, however, I acknowledge that sadly we live in a world where not everybody feels the same. My family and I will help the good fight continue until that long awaited moment arrives, when our rights are equal and when the political limits on love have been smashed." Anne Hathaway